Wightlink ferriesPlanning for a vacation on the Isle of Wight, take Wightlink Ferries for a safe and comfortable journey across the Solent. In the last 160 years of ferries, Wightlink has become of one of the most reliable ferries in the whole of United Kingdom.

It is not only safe but has also has become an ideal and important mode of travel for all backpackers and locals of Isle of Wight. Annually, Wightlink carries more than 5.5 million passengers, 200,000 coaches and nearly 1.2 million cars across the Solent.

The huge figures are an indication of the fact that Wightlink Ferries is not just one of the biggest but also the most trusted ferries among the people of United Kingdom. In terms of comfort and safety it appears to have a fair edge over its competitors like Superfast Ferries, Moby Lines, Polferries and others.

From being a lifeline for the thousands of locals of Isle of Wight to being the backpackers delight, Wightlink Ferries offer some great deals to its loyal passengers. Wightlink operates on three routes and with 68,000 transfers annually, the amount of passengers traveling aboard Wightlink is getting more everyday.

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